Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh Proudly Receives Unanimous Endorsement from the California GOP

Yucaipa, CA- Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, candidate for State Senate in District 23, is thrilled to
announce she was unanimously endorsed by the California GOP.
“I am extremely proud to have earned the trust and endorsement of the California GOP,” said
Ochoa Bogh. “It’s such an honor to receive their support as I fight for the principles we all
share: I look forward to standing as a champion for those principles in Sacramento.”
The Republican Party has a strong history in California, with many of its most notable
governors as members of the party, including Senator Leland Stanford and President Ronald
Reagan. The California GOP is currently chaired by Jessica Millan Patterson, the first female
and first Latina Chairwoman in the history of the California Republican Party.
The State Party’s endorsement came on the heels of Ochoa Bogh’s endorsements by
Republican Senate Leader Shannon Grove, Republican Assembly Leader Marie Waldron,
Assemblyman Tom Lackey, the Riverside County GOP, the San Bernadino County GOP, and
the Big Bear Valley Republican Assembly.
A wife, a mother, a former teacher, and a Realtor, Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh has always dedicated
herself to helping others achieve the same American Dream she has lived. As a candidate for
State Senate, Ochoa Bogh touted her Plan of Action for the Inland Empire:
“I am proud to be proof of the American Dream,” said Ochoa Bogh. “I know it works because
I was able to build a good life here for myself and my family despite the obstacles in our path.
But California’s one-party-rule government has been making it harder for families to get ahead.
I know a lean, focused government will give our families the results they need and the
accountability they deserve.”
Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh’s plan of action focuses on helping Inland Empire families achieve the
American Dream by lowering taxes, increasing public safety, prioritizing infrastructure, and
reducing the cost of living in California.
Among those endorsing her are:
Denise Allen
Mayor Pro Tem of Yucaipa
David Avila
Mayor of Yucaipa
Greg Bogh
Yucaipa City Council Member (Former Mayor) (Husband)
Daniela Andrade
Mayor Pro Tem of Banning
Crystal Ruiz
San Jacinto City Council Member (Former Mayor)
Karlee Meyer
Hemet City Council Member (Former Mayor Pro Tem)
Lesa Sobek
Menifee City Council Member
Ron Duncan
President, San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency
Jeff Hewitt
Riverside County Supervisor
Michael Perciful
Hemet City Council Member (Former Mayor)
Linda Molina
Mayor Pro Tem of Calimesa
Kerri Mariner
Banning School Board Member
Chuck Christie
YCJUSD School Board President
Patty Ingram
YCJUSD School Board Member
Arthur Welch
Mayor of Banning
Mike Morrell
State Senator, SD 23
Shannon Grove
State Senator, SD 16
Jay Obernolte
Assemblyman, AD 33
Russ Utz
Mayor of San Jacinto
Diane Perez
San Jacinto Unified School District Superintendent
John D Evans
President of Hemet Stake
David Happe
Banning City Council Member
Brian Jones
State Senator/Senate Caucus Chair, SD 38
Paul Cook
Congressman, CD 8
Randall Putz
Mayor of Big Bear Lake
Pat Bates
State Senator, SD 36
Andreas Borgeas
State Senator, SD 8
John Moorlach
State Senator, SD 37
Jim Nielsen
State Senator, SD 4
Scott Wilk
State Senator, SD 21
Kerri Mariner
Banning Unified School District Trustee
Josie Gonzales
San Bernadino County Supervisor
Bill Davis
Mayor of Calimesa
San Bernardino
GOP Chairwoman Jan Leja
David Caretto
Big Bear Lake City Council Member
Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh is a wife, mother, former teacher, and Realtor who serves on the East
Valley Association of Realtors Board as well as the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School
District Board. She has been a past board member of the Yucaipa Chamber of Commerce.

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