Candidate for State Senate, Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, Endorsed by Personal Insurance Federation of CA

Yucaipa, CA- The Personal Insurance Federation of California has endorsed Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh in her campaign for State Senate.

Caylyn Wright, Political Director for PIFC, says “Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh has consistently shown that she will prioritize reform in our industry to the benefit of Californian’s across the state. We admire her dedication, hard work, and the integrity with which she has managed this campaign and we look forward to working with her when she is in office.”

A local Realtor and former elementary school teacher, Ochoa Bogh has experience working with families all over the community who have expressed their concerns about the future, including the high cost of living, finding high-quality jobs, and securing a strong education for their children.

“I am so honored that the Personal Insurance Federation of California has chosen to endorse our campaign,” says Ochoa Bogh. “I want to help establish consistent adequate rates that simplify insurance for Californian’s in the Inland Empire, and I admire PIFC’s work to connect with our community on this issue.”

Alongside insurance reform, Ochoa Bogh’s plan of action includes securing more funding for public schools, promoting economic freedom, and reducing the cost of living across the state. To learn more and connect with her campaign, visit her website at

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