Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh

Rosilicie knows a lean, focused government is better for our families. And she’s proven herself ready to lead. Now, we can have a strong voice in the State Senate.

Rosilicie, a native Californian, has always believed that home ownership signifies the American Dream. When she and her husband purchased their first home, she remembers her teary-eyed father proudly saying: “You’ve made it.” A 17-year Realtor and “Woman of Distinction” award recipient, she’s devoted herself to helping others achieve that dream.

Rosilicie’s family taught her work ethic and personal responsibility. Education unlocked her future. A graduate of San Bernardino High and UC Santa Barbara, she went on to teach English language learners. Today, she serves on her local school board.

Rosilicie’s experience has well prepared her to champion stronger schools, lower taxes, better infrastructure, and more affordable home prices. She has the heart, grit, expertise, and values to get the results we need. Rosilicie with her husband of 24 years and their three children have made the city of Yucaipa their home.

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