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Improve The Inland Empire’s Quality of Life

For over a century California was the destination of choice for people from across America and around the world to find a better life for themselves and for their families. The place to found the next great American company or develop the next groundbreaking technology that shapes society. Unfortunately, our state leaders have lost their way, leading to rising cost of living, worsening air quality, and bad infrastructure that have weakened the quality of life in the state. This has lead Californians to flee the state in record numbers. State legislators could bring back the American Dream to California. All they need is the courage to reduce the regulatory burden and high taxes causing housing shortages and skyrocketing costs of living, and the willingness to allow private industry and local communities the freedom to innovate new solutions to our infrastructure problems. As the Inland Empire’s next State Senator these will be among my top priorities once arriving in Sacramento.

Lower Taxes

Skyrocketing taxes are the main driver of the extremely high cost of living in California. Democrats in Sacramento have imposed the nation’s highest state sales tax, and highest individual state income tax, and the highest gas tax in the country. Now, despite record state revenue totals and budget surpluses law makers are attacking the only protection against out of control taxes we have left – Prop 13. The proposed split roll initiative would target new taxes on small businesses by increasing their property taxes, and is just a first step towards completely repealing Prop 13. We must stand up against these non-stop tax increases on our families and business to reign in the ever-increasing cost of living in our great state. In the State Senate I will oppose any changes to Prop 13 and fight to lower our skyrocketing taxes.

Increase Public Safety

Public safety in California has been put at risk in recent years through the passage of initiatives and laws pushed by Democrats in Sacramento. Proposition 57 allows the early release of dangerous felons. AB 109 reduces penalties for parole violations and shifts responsibility for thousands of felons from state prisons to overcrowded county jails. And, Proposition 47 handcuffed law enforcement officials, making it nearly impossible to keep serial offenders off our streets. These measures were pushed by Democrats in hopes of reducing the prison population with total disregard for the safety and well being of California families. These policies have caused clear harm to our state and needed to be repealed. I will always fight to protect the families of the Inland Empire and work to put an end to these irresponsible laws.

Lower The Cost of Housing

The median cost of a home in California is more than twice that of the rest of the country, and renters in California pay an average of $12,600 more per year. These skyrocketing housing costs have caused unprecedented level of homelessness across the state. Despite these realities, policies passed by legislative Democrats have only increased the cost of building new housing. In 2019, Sacramento set mandates on cities to build new housing and patted itself on the back for addressing the housing shortage. However, all the mandates and demands for new housing won’t matter unless we streamline regulations like the California Environmental Quality Act which prevent new development. Policies must meaningfully change, or housing will remain out of reach for too many Californians.

More Funding For Schools

There is no better investment our state government can make than in the education of our children. As a student that had to work to overcome a language barrier and former teacher, I learned how important a quality education is in overcoming economic and social barriers and ensuring the success of our children. California’s public education system was once the envy of the nation. But as Sacramento took over decision making from local communities, our students began to suffer. Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions do not work across the board in California. As a school board member, I have seen the benefit of allowing local communities the freedom to decide how to best educate their students. I will work to put more control back in the hands of our school districts, school boards, and teachers.

Reduce Local Homelessness with Local Opportunity

I have had the honor, over the last 17 years, of being a part of so many Californians reaching the American Dream of owning a home. I know how important adequate housing is for families to thrive and to build amazing communities like those here in the Inland Empire. Unfortunately, this dream has gotten more difficult to achieve in recent years. Democrat’s irresponsible policies have made it almost impossible for developers to build new affordable housing creating a shortage of housing options. One party rule in Sacramento has smothered any hope we have of seeing real solutions to these problems. We must break the stranglehold current legislators hold over our state and reign in out of control taxes and regulations in order to finally see real solutions. I look forward to getting government out of the way and allowing local communities to implement the necessary policies to address our homelessness crisis.

Improving Air Quality Without Harming Economic Opportunity

California has the worst air quality in the United States, with seven of our cities ranking in top ten most polluted cities nationwide. We all deserve clean air and a healthy environment and can accomplish this without sacrificing prosperity and economic freedom. New technologies like electric vehicles and clean energy sources developed right here in California are offering promising potential to reduce the emissions causing much of our air pollution. Excessive regulation out of Sacramento has slowed the adoption of these crucial innovations though, preventing improvements. Current harsh regulations Sacramento claims are aimed at improving air quality have had no positive effects. And have only made it harder for business to thrive, create jobs, and innovate solutions to this problem. In Sacramento I will partner with private industry, educational institutions, and local communities to identify and incentivize the free market solutions needed to finally address California’s poor air quality.

Economic Freedom

The American Dream of self-achieved prosperity and success relies on the fundamental freedom to pursue one’s goals. Here in California, we are losing the economic freedoms to achieve this. Our businesses are burdened with excessive regulations. And individuals and families are burdened with cost of living increases year after year from taxes and fees. This stifles businesses from creating jobs and opportunities and prevents Californians from achieving economic security. I believe in a limited government that does not impede opportunities for people to succeed. A government that creates an environment where businesses can thrive, and individuals and families can take advantage of these opportunities. Our state government should reflect the principles upon which our country was founded, keeping in mind the importance of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Our California

by Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh “As goes California so goes the nation”. This phrase came to be from the overwhelming influence our great state has had on America for over a century. From the gold rush…